100 Things About James Bow

Everybody else is doing it, so why shouldn't I? I can't help it. I'm a lemming.

  1. I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  2. I have lived in Toronto's inner city, and close to the downtown of Kitchener.
  3. Until 1995, I had never been outside of Canada, and had only visited Quebec twice.
  4. Since 1995, I have visited the states of New York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. I've also been through Cincinnati and Atlanta airports.
  5. I have lived in six places in thirty years. I am very happy where I currently live.
  6. I was educated as a planner and have worked as a data analyst and an administrative assistant.
  7. I dislike workplaces that try to insinuate themselves into your social life.
  8. I work to live. I do not live to work.
  9. I once worked at a McDonald's snack stand in the Skydome, and saw the Blue Jays lose to the Oakland A's in the 1989 American league championship series.
  10. I want to be a writer.
  11. If I could make a living wage by writing, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  12. I love Chinese food.
  13. I love Indian food (I didn't use to).
  14. I hate eggplants.
  15. I still have an incredible sweet tooth.
  16. I make great pancakes.
  17. I'm prouder of my omelettes.
  18. I'm learning to make a good, spicy meat sause to go with my pasta.
  19. Erin is the better cook.
  20. But I do the dishes.
  21. And the laundry.
  22. I am a sucker for fresh bread.
  23. And Vanilla Coke.
  24. I read bedtime stories to Erin out loud.
  25. I can even do different voices for the characters.
  26. My best voice is possibly the Aslan voice. Very rumbly and at the back of the throat.
  27. I use it for the "great old" characters of certain books, especially Gandalf.
  28. I use a modified version of the voice for Dumbledore.
  29. I think I might enjoy reading out loud in public.
  30. Yeah, I think I might like to do a book tour.
  31. I drink at least four cups of coffee a day.
  32. I've been drinking coffee since I was nine years old.
  33. Yes, my hands tremble, why do you ask?
  34. I'm happy inside a Second Cup, Starbucks, Timothy's, or independent coffee shop
  35. I'm especially happy inside a coffee shop that's attached to a bookstore.
  36. I like a good beer, but never drink more than one a week.
  37. There are no bottles of beer in my house.
  38. Trains are my great passion, but planes are quicker and can be fun.
  39. I've flown and taken the train from Omaha and Chicago.
  40. I've only ever flown to Florida.
  41. I've only ever taken the train to Montreal.
  42. I want to go to Europe.
  43. My favourite place name is Tuktoyaktuk
  44. I've never had any trouble getting through the American border crossings. Just smile, be polite and be honest, and they'll let you through.
  45. I have a phobia about bees and wasps.
  46. I am allergic to tree pollen, grass pollen, ragweed, cockleburrs and horses.
  47. Despite this, I love nature walks.
  48. I hate closed minded, angry individuals, on the left and the right.
  49. Isreal vs Palestine? A plague on both your houses.
  50. I hate hot, smoggy weather.
  51. A dry heat *is* better than a humid heat.
  52. There's nothing wrong with a cold day as long as it's bright and dry.
  53. I hate shovelling snow.
  54. I haven't had to shovel snow for over five years!
  55. My cat wakes me up at 7:25 a.m., without fail.
  56. I probably don't sleep enough.
  57. My eyes are hazel.
  58. I'm five feet, eleven and a quarter inches tall.
  59. I'm a half-inch shorter than my father.
  60. I have brown hair.
  61. I have bookshelves in every room of the house, except the bedroom and the kitchen.
  62. They're all full.
  63. My living room has a thirteen-foot ceiling.
  64. I would like to build a set of bookcases in my living room that stretch from floor to ceiling.
  65. I believe urban sprawl is the greatest threat to our quality of life.
  66. I believe the automobile should be a luxury, not a necessity.
  67. I try to take public transit whenever possible.
  68. I believe oil producers have their heads in the sand.
  69. I think we'll see hydrogen, wind and solar power as our main sources of energy in our lifetime.
  70. Heck, possibly even by the end of this decade.
  71. I believe no-one is born evil.
  72. I believe that good can only exist where the possibility of evil also exists.
  73. I do not believe in capital punishment.
  74. I do not believe that any religion has the right answer about who is God.
  75. I do not believe that God minds this in the slightest.
  76. I recycle.
  77. I believe that humanity will survive by the seat of its pants.
  78. My grandfather was Chinese.
  79. I'm as white as they come.
  80. Multiculturalism is one thing that makes Canada great.
  81. I've made many friends on the Internet.
  82. I met my wife on the Internet.
  83. I hate spam.
  84. I hate "reality television".
  85. I've lost all respect for Fox Network.
  86. I believe a truly good television show knows when to end.
  87. I refused to watch the last two seasons of The X-Files.
  88. Never has so much potential been so criminally wasted as on Voyager
  89. I sometimes obsess about things.
  90. I don't have a DVD player (yet).
  91. I wish I was writing this on a Macintosh.
  92. I am writing this on a PC.
  93. I am, at least, using Opera.
  94. I blog using Moveable Type.
  95. And, yes, I admit it: I prefer Microsoft Word to Corel WordPerfect. I'm sorry.
  96. The best television series currently in production is Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.
  97. The best telefantasy series ever produced is still Sapphire and Steel.
  98. The best Star Trek series is Deep Space Nine.
  99. I can compose stories on the computer, but I like to write longhand.
  100. I am surprised that I completed this list.
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