Happy Birthday, Moveable Type


MoveableType is celebrating its first birthday. It's been quite a successful year for this Blogging tool. I realize that I am new to blogging, but when I came on board Blogger, more than six months ago, MovableType was already one of the leading applications out there. Trying it out now, I can see why.

The folks at MovableType have released version 2.5. Upgrading was a little frightening (again, they could do with an installshield program, or clearer instructions), but went off without a hitch last night past 1 a.m. And if my sleep-deprived brain could handle the task, I'm sure you could.

Among the new featuers of version 2.5 is a search function. You can now search the entries in my blog for any number of keywords, as if my archives by month and category weren't easy enough to navigate.

Happy Birthday MovableType. Here's to your second year.

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