My can of Coca-Cola is red.

Another attempt at unconscious writing:

My can of Coca-Cola is red. Red is the colour of Coca-Cola, while Blue is the colour of Pepsi. Both cans contain semi-viscous brown-black liquids of mostly water, acid and about nine tablespoons of sugar. Both taste sweet and sharp on the tongue. So, to differentiate themselves (for the two companies are in a duel to the death), they choose their colours. Red for Coke, Blue for Pepsi.

Red for Liberals. Blue for Tories. Red for Democrats. Blue for Republicans. Red for Yes to Canada. Blue for Sovereignty-Association. Red For. Blue Against.

Red and Blue are opposites in our minds, but they’re not even opposite each other on the colour spectrum. Why doesn’t Red duke it out with Green, instead of sticking to it with duct tape? Why doesn’t Blue call Orange out on having a very loud tie? Even in America, Red and Blue refuse to go together unless White acts as an intermediary.

White. Is White the third way? Would a cola company trying to run up the middle between the Big Two try for a white can? Red for Canada, Blue for Quebec, White for “eh… we’ll get back to you in a few years” (Mario Dumont?). Or is White too busy working out with Black, helping us to read, keeping us in the right lane on the road, and making zebras different from horses?

Why can’t our world be Black and White. Why is Grey so shady? Why are so many of us Black and Blue? Why does Red like to flow on our streets so much? Why can’t we all be like Green, content to lie beneath the trees, or tangle among the branches, and wave with the wind as it passes the colours by.

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