John Ashcroft Reads?

I am indebted to Neil Gaiman for putting this link on his blog. I have to admit, I was taken in... for about ten seconds. It's a brilliant piece of work.
We had a mixed weekend. Saturday was excellent, with Erin and I heading down to Oakville and spending a good hour writing. I'm working through the most awkward passages of Fathom Five, including a large portion of exposition right in chapter one, establishing the siren legends of the area. Currently, a supply teacher tells the legend as a ghost story, but there's a lot of talking, here, and the teacher who tells the tale never appears again in the story. There has to be more interesting ways to get the information out. Erin spent some time coming up with interesting details to add to Rosemary and Time, like the house that Rosemary lives in, or the state of her bedroom. These one-liners serve to fine tune the characters and make them living beings, but they are often beyond my reach -- at least, initially. I owe a great portion of whatever success I achieve to the little details Erin puts into my work. Sunday was a lazy day, however. Erin and I did little more than sit in front of the television set. Perhaps our sleep deficits are catching up with us, but I hope we don't have many more days like that...
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