The Dangers of Political Hyperbole


The various reports on the future of our health care are coming due and questions are being raised over how to pay for improvements. Should a dedicated health tax be installed, or the Goods and Services Tax (GST) raised a few points? Sadly, using a portion of our sizable surplus hasn’t been listed as an option.

Well, Finance Minister John Manley ruled out raising the GST. On camera to reporters, he said “I would rather jump off the Peace Tower than raise the GST.”

Gee, that’s pretty definitive.

Especially considering that current Heritage Minister Sheila Copps promised to resign if her government didn’t abolish the hated tax after coming to office. Well, they didn’t, and she was forced to carry out her promise.

She was eventually reelected. But, Mr. Manley, it’s a long way back to the top of the Peace Tower…

Hmm… Has anybody ever compared the websites of the prospective Liberal leadership candidates? It’s rather telling to show who has the money and the interest to go for the position. Consider:

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