First Snowfall

The first snowfall of the season has arrived. The air is alive with blowing flakes and some of it is actually gathering on the ground. There is talk of 15 cm by the end of the day.

The coming of winter has been fairly consistent, as far as I can remember. The last few years there's been at least one snowfall or flurry at the beginning of November. Then, if we're lucky, the temperature heats up and we have a brief respite of Indian Summer before we enter December. December is either snowy, or grey and muddy.

Except for its length and its lingering goodbye, I don't mind winter. And except for having to shovel the snow, I don't mind snow. I say, if we're going to go through winter at all, then give us a classic one. Give us lots of snow to feed the spring runoff. Bring the temperatures down to -10'C so that we know that it's cold. Give us a bright blue sky and a sun that blinds us off the snowdrifts. That's winter. Unfortunately, Ontario's winters can be damp affairs. I don't know if, last year, we had a white Christmas.

My mother has just written me. Her subject line: "eek!". Who says Weather isn't an important topic of conversation?

I have a bit of advice to the owners of those blogs and journals that I link to. You all see my list of links? You notice how some of them flash "UPDATED" beside their names? Ever wonder how that's done?

Go to this form, fill in the name of your blog and the correct URL. Click enter, and then add the resulting page to your bookmarks. It's that simple. is an excellent service listing recently updated blogs. Thousands are logged on this website, and many people use this service to be notified on when their favourite blogs have been updated. My links manager, refers to and when it sees that a blog in its list of links has been updated, it notifies the user.

Some services, like Blogger Pro ping automatically. Moveable Type is supposed to do this as well, but there appears to be a glitch in the system. Other free services don't ping; you have to do it yourself.

Please consider it. It's very useful.

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