My First Taste of Stardom

I'm just off the phone with Scott Simpson of 680 News interviewing me about the opening of the new Sheppard subway. Seems they have all the soundbites they need from the politicians and the transit experts, and he wanted to get some of the views from the transit enthusiasts. It was short (the interview was handled over the phone and lasted just five minutes), but it was a lot of fun. I hope Scott got some nice quotes; I think I've gotten some good publicity for Transit Toronto.

I basically spoke up in defence of the subway line, because it has its share of critics. The line is rather short, and built amid considerable controversy and funding cutbacks. However, I've already spoken about the need for a northern crosstown rapid transit route across Toronto, and the Sheppard subway represents a start. Taking the line to the Scarborough Town Centre now represents a series of incrementally useful extensions. If a politician stepped forward and announced a new source of steady funding of $200 million per year (that's less than $4 per taxpayer per month), we could have the line running from North York City Centre to the Scarborough Town Centre by the end of the decade, and then the line would be really useful.

I won't be at the official opening ceremonies tomorrow (sigh), but I know plenty of people who will. And I will be riding this line soon. It brings to mind the excitement of similar subway openings in my childhood. Let us hope that there are more in the future.

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