Thursday Musings

My work photocopier works away making a regular click-clatter that you can sing Three Blind Mice to. I know. I’ve tested it.

Yeah, yesterday sort of sucked. Erin tells it like it is.

Groundwood Books has officially received my submission of Rosemary and Time. We’ll see what comes of it…

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. Enjoy your day off and your time with your friends and family. Erin and I are organizing our own Thanksgiving gathering this Saturday, inviting as many friends as possible to come over and share a pot-luck. We’ve had some cancellations, but we should still get a good crowd. Here’s hoping…

You know, I have to admit, Thanksgiving makes me a little jealous of Americans. Or perhaps just my American inlaws. Americans have far more fun with their November holiday than our October equivalent, in my opinion, although we’re making more of our Thanksgiving in recent years. And Thanksgiving does give a bookend feel to Christmas, concentrating a lot of fun in December.

I remember, a few years ago, heading out to Vermillion for the O’Connor post-Christmas feast and family reunion. Hordes of people gathered at the old family farmhouse for food, conversation and football. It was -18’C outside, but warm as an oven inside. The sense of camraderie was really something special.

Buffy continues to go through a strong patch. The plot just keeps chugging along. Be warned that spoilers follow…

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I now feel sorry for Andrew. Poor fellow, he’s being completely manipulated. Of course, part of the problem is that he’s completely clueless and thus open to suggestion (this was his character throughout the sixth season as well). Nice to see Jonathan back, even as an apparition of the First.

And the First. Does Cameron get that dinner? It looks more and more like this force is the same one that Cameron identified from that third season Christmas episode. Was that force referred to as “the First” back then?

One complaint? The fall of the Watchers. Oh, I have no problem with the fact that their destruction was utterly predictable. When the leader of the Watchers made the announcement that the First had declared all out war, I said “oh, you guys are so dead.” From an author’s point of view, this was good predictability rather than bad predictability. My complaint? The explosion effect looked cheesy. I much rather would have seen the monks of the First burst through the windows and taking everybody out personally. Or a better explosion effect used.

The season is chugging along so merrily, I have to wonder what Buffy is going to do to get a pause. Can they sustain this pace through to May? And, if they do some resting action episodes, in preparation to a grand finale, can they slow things down without resorting to contrived measures? Well, I still have faith in Joss Whedon’s writing. I’m sure he’ll think of something.

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