More Weird Google Searches

Hey, Rebecca, you think you have some weird searchers discovering your website? Here are some terms that have linked to me recently…

How do I bulk up my 11 year old daughter? (Number 21)

I don’t know.

Dumb Quizzes (Number 2)

Gee, you answer just one of these quizzes, and you’re marked for life!

I hate Draco Malfoy (Number 3)

There, there, you poor fellow! Cheer up, you’re not alone!

And to those still finding me by looking for information on the Sheppard subway, the line is open, it’s taking on more passengers than expected, everybody loves it, and I think it should be extended to the Scarborough Town Centre as soon as possible. It only makes sense. Now go out there and ride it for yourself.

Sitehouse’s mail server conked out yesterday at noon, and we were without mail for twenty-four hours. I’d like to thank my webhost at Virtual Vision for getting the mail back up. I had frankly given up hope because the collapse happened in the middle of the American Thanksgiving weekend, and those webhosts that give you such personal service sometimes can be rather small houses that are hard to contact during off days. Not these guys, though. If you need a good webhost, I recommend these folks.

Anyway, I’ve been told that some mail ended up bouncing during the time I was down. If this happened to you, now you know the reason why. E-mail is back up and running here, so if you haven’t heard back from us, feel free to resend.

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