Oh, You Have *Got* to be Kidding Me!

Is this for real, or is it a joke? Check this out and see. You may need to register to view the posts, but please do. It’s well worth it.

(Walks away muttering, “he didn’t really do that to his PC, did he?”)

It is now 10:05 p.m. in Pierre, South Dakota

Someone Googled me to ask “What time zone is Pierre, South Dakota in?”

The answer is that it is on the western edge of Central Time. The portion of the time zone it is on extends well to the west of most of the rest of the time zone. If you cross the Missouri River south of the city, you must set your clocks back by an hour as you are now in Mountain Time.

South Dakota is a very interesting place. My trip there was logged in this blog, starting with this entry.

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