Her Favourite Vegetable

Here's the freewriting I came up with yesterday...

Her favourite vegetable was eggplant. She'd crack it on her skillet and fry it up with shredded cheeze, oregano and scallions.

Eggplant: that animo-vegetable, purple shell, yellow filling; plant it in the ground and grow Easter Egg trees. Easter eggs make excellent fondue, or you can plant those shells and get aluminum cans.

Fill the cans with water, shake well and bury in coal. Make cola. Cola is like battery acid, it powers cities. The end of the fuel crisis came when we stopped chug-a-lugging cold ones and poured the liquid into our electrical outlets. Now our power lines fizz, the paint mixers explode in foam and Home Hardware has to shut down its stores. Best not to mix paint anyway, it dilutes the true colour.

The writing workshop organized by Kathy Stinson ended last Tuesday, and we were all sad to see it go. It was a lot of fun and it improved and gave us greater confidence in our writing. We gathered at member Shirley's house after the last class for coffee and shortbread cookies and, at that gathering, decided that some of us would gather at William's Coffee Shop (the City Hall location) every week, until Kathy offered the class again this spring. We decided to meet Mondays.

I was there yesterday (which was why I wrote that freewriting sample shown above) and four other people were with me, including Erin. Heather, Barb and Shelley sat with us and we talked about what we hoped to get out of the group in the coming weeks. We also read some of our writing.

We've decided to keep meeting, in the hopes that others from the group will join us. But we have switched the venue. We've decided that reading out loud while Top 40 music is playing is a little hard on everyone involved. Kathy has also invited us down to the CANSCAIP meeting in February where she'll be reading passages from her upcoming young adult novel.

We shall see what happens with this group. December is a hard time to meet, but I'm having a lot of fun, and hopefully enough of us will make the time in order to keep things going.

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