You'd Remember Things Like These

A recent conversation between Erin and myself, while Erin was reading a book of quotations.

Erin: I've just read a quote from a Vice President named Throttlebottom. (looks at me) Did we elect a Vice President named Throttlebottom?
Me: (blinks) You know, I think I'd remember something like that.

Doing a Google search, I discover that Alexander Throttlebottom was a character in a 1932 madcap musical comedy named I Sing of Thee. He is not a real person.

Erin was rather disappointed.

Of course, we should have known that, because had Throttlebottom been real, we would probably have learned it some time ago and remembered it. We remember things like these. For instance, I remember that Lake Titicaca is the highest lake navigable to large vessels and that it is located on the boundary between Peru and Bolivia. And you know how I remember this? For one thing, it's called Lake Titicaca!

It came up in my education when I was in grade seven. I think a lot of former schoolchildren know about and remember Lake Titicaca. If they were teaching thirties musicals that day, we'd also remember Alexander Throttlebottom.

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