January 2003 Archives

  1. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  2. Steps Towards Recovery
  3. Been Down Ill
  4. Kurdistan
  5. Scratch Your Head Time
  6. Language Fails Us
  7. The Wind Has Much to Answer For
  8. Be Careful With Your Defaults
  9. At Sunset in a Nameless Town
  10. Dawn (not) the Vampire Slayer
  11. Building a Universe From Scratch
  12. First Line/Last Line
  13. How to Take Down a Christmas Tree
  14. Conversation Between a Married Couple on a Saturday Afternoon
  15. The Boundary Between the Beginning and the Middle
  16. Harry Potter and the Doorstop of Voldemort
  17. Driving Home From the Gym in Dan's Car
  18. Neat Things
  19. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here
  20. Aftshadowing
  21. The Canadian Senate Followup / I Pity B.C.
  22. The Canadian Senate III - Constitutional Implications
  23. Privacy Legislation
  24. Friday Night Fever
  25. You Want Me to do What in a Cup?
  26. The Canadian Senate II - Balancing the House
  27. Bell Canada: Sultry Voices With Your Billing Inquiry?
  28. Hoo Boy, Our New Moron:
  29. The Canadian Senate I - The Sleeping Giant
  30. All Alone
  31. Eomer, Son Of...
  32. Cutting the Heart Out of a Good Movie
  33. It's Been a Good Holiday...
  34. Goodbye 2002, Hello 2003