All Alone

We drove Therese back to Pearson Airport this afternoon, around 1 pm. Erin and I then pushed the loneliness aside by heading into Toronto and shopping around the Annex. We found an excellent coffee shop and sat for two hours, writing.

We drove right into the city, rather than park at an outlying subway station and taking transit in. That probably adds a couple of years in public transit purgatory, but we did pay for it enroute. I saw two accidents and three cases of bad driving on my way into the city -- that's after leaving the highway.

We did get to see the beautiful neighbourhoods of the Kingsway and Swansea, but take my advice: if you're spending a day in Toronto, even a Sunday, park your car at an outlying subway station and take the TTC the rest of the way. It will save you a lot of stress -- especially when it comes to finding a parking spot.

Swansea, the Kingsway and the Annex all have a certain liveliness that make them attractive places to live. The streetscale is healthy, all the stores are prosperous, and there's plenty of places to sit, watch people, and write. These places are what Weston should be. If anybody finds out how to bottle good urban design, go here.

We got back around 7:30 or so, had dinner, and are working on our respective computers. And doing other stuff too. We have the place all to ourselves, after all...

Teri arrived back in Omaha safe and sound, by the way! Thanks for sharing time with us, Therese, and good luck with nursing school!

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