Hoo Boy, Our New Moron:

Finally had a chance to read a transcript of that infamous anti-Canadian episode of CNN Crossfire the other day, and came upon this little gem of idiocy:

Question: “My name is Ian Shoraum from Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Canada gives us hockey, Wayne Gretzky and snow, and Saudi Arabia gives us a bunch of its citizens in a very large plane. Isn’t it obvious who’s our friend and who’s our foe?

NOVAK: I don’t like hockey, but I like oil.

…(brief discussion, then)…

NOVAK: OK. I’ll tell you this, one thing I do think about this Canadian thing, I’d like to say, that there is a solution to the Canadian problem, and I think the Canadians (UNINTELLIGIBLE) will agree. Why don’t they have the three western provinces, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, come into United States? They’ll all be Republicans, and you’ll have a constant Republican majority. Isn’t that a good idea?

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2002 Award for Total Nimrod of the Year goes to… ROBERT NOVAK!

And, a couple of news flashes, Nimrod:

What does it say about us that a pair of over-egotistical blowhards blabbing it up in front of cameras should garner so much attention?

What does it say about me that I should perpetuate this? Nothing good, I’m sure.

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