Friday Night Fever

Title of a Math and Computer Science seminar that I had to announce today:

"Fully Polynomial Approximability and Pseudo-Polynomial Separability of the Generalized Knapsack Problem"

Hoo boy! Bet that one's a barnburner, huh?

Bubbling Oddity comments in her blog (a site I haven't visited in too long) that the makers of The Two Towers may have been a strategic error to place a scene of torrents of water gushing forth from a destroyed dam at the end of a three hour movie. Heh. Hadn't thought of that. And my father reports that the lineups in the Men's room at the end of the movie were long.

Erin sent me along this article from about Australian spiders being sent into space, with the comment "Where they will of course be exposed to radiation and develop into venomous, huge, man-killing mosters. Jeez. I hope someone has a contigency plan!"


I've played around with the template a bit, selecting a darker colour and tidying up the spaces between the boxes. How do you like it? Please comment and tell me.

Now I'm off to lunch!

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