Driving Home From the Gym in Dan's Car

The scenery rushes past...

DAN: Yeah, James?
JAMES: You remember that commercial, for Mr. Christie cookies?
DAN: Which one?
JAMES: The one with that annoying cartoon kid, with that annoying cartoon laugh, who changed colours everytime he touched something?
DAN: You mean the (high-pitched voice) "hehehehe... oops!"
JAMES: Yeah. The Mr. Christie announcer would go "Now don't touch the refrigerator, Kevin!" -- that's it! The kid's name was Kevin!
DAN: And Kevin would go (high-pitched voice) "hehehehe... oops!"
JAMES: Yeah. I hated him.
DAN: So did I.
JAMES: I sort of wanted there to be a commercial, with the Mr. Christie announcer saying "Now don't touch the vicious pit bull, Kevin!" (high-pitched voice) "hehehehe... oops!" (dog barking voice) "rar!rarrarararar!!" "ahhhh!"
DAN: Me too. I think they did it, actually, you know, for those mini-cookies? But you know, my sister and I thought about this last night, and do you know, there has never been a moment on television that has made me more annoyed, more angry, then the time on Angel when they killed the Big Gulp Demon!
JAMES: Oh, yeah, him!
DAN: I mean, he was cute, in a slimey sort of way, and softspoken, and he just wanted his Big Gulp from Seven-Eleven, he turns around, goes "Hello?" and they pounce and kill him!
JAMES: Yeah, I remember.
DAN: I almost cried! My sister cried!
JAMES: It was quite a moment.
DAN: Yeah, James?
JAMES: I think we should tape our conversations. Don't you?

And for those of you in our audience who were wondering, yes, we were stone cold sober at the time.

Writing this out, it sort of reminds me of the Vestibules.

Further Listening

Vestibules Classics:

Erin on the news that the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is 255,000 words long:

"Good God. Let's hope that doesn't mean that nobody had the courage to edit the damn thing."

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