Conversation Between a Married Couple on a Saturday Afternoon

Streetcar Diner

Erin: So, where should we go?
Me: I was thinking Oakville, or possibly Orangeville.
Erin: Have I been to Orangeville?
Me: We didn't really pay it a visit, but we passed by it when we were looking for--
Erin: (remembering) Oh, yes. That streetcar diner. We, huh? We spent the greater part of an afternoon driving around midwestern Ontario searching for a stupid streetcar diner, huh?

It happened two years ago, me on a drive, looking for SuperBurgers while Erin got progressively more irritated in the passenger seat of our car. It appears that I'm still never going to live it down.

Worst Closed-Captioning Ever!

As Cameron said, this is a prime example why it is important to do a good job as a closed captioner. All fans of the Lord of the Rings should check out this link for some of the worst and funniest closed captioning errors ever.

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