Steps Towards Recovery

Thanks for the get-well wishes. I'm mostly back on my feet again after the twenty-four hour stomach bug -- although I'm a little less than sure of what I should be eating. The cafeteria downstairs didn't have chicken soup, so I settled for Chinese noodle. For some reason I got extra-spicy, and although my sinuses are clear, my stomach may be wondering why exactly I have it in for it.

Erin hasn't thrown up, but she's come down with a milder version of this flu. She's been dizzy for the past day or so, and feeling a little under the weather. Let's hope she recovers quickly. She's sick and tired of being sick.

I dropped somewhat out of touch in the past two days, what with lying in bed alternately sleeping or moping, and I'm still catching up. Though, from what I can tell, not all that much has changed. Also managing to get caught up in work; the office pulled together nicely, so there wasn't a big pile in my In tray when I arrived, but everybody is suitably pleased that I'm back. I knew I was going to like it here.

Looking forward to this weekend, helping to celebrate my father's sixtieth birthday (still got to get him a gift) and meeting Cameron in Toronto for a hand-to-hand session of writing.

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