Browser Blues

I've been playing around with the colour scheme of the website, as you can see. I got a little tired of the red and cream, scheme, and those graphics were one more thing to load.

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the support (or lack thereof) each browser gives to CSS. Opera is my favourite browser, as it is the fastest, but it tends to support only the most basic web standards. Your HTML has to be perfect, and your CSS can't be fancy. Well, that's fine for my website, since I want a site that can be viewed appropriately by any browser.

Internet Explorer, however, refuses to play ball on a couple of key standards, and that irks me more. We go through the trouble of setting up standards, these means of making sure that web pages are universally viewable, and IE ignores them? In my case, it's the border-collapse and border-spacing CSS codes, which Opera has no trouble handling. The folks at Microsoft just haven't gotten around to making Internet Explorer compliant to that, and it makes my web page look not the way I want it to be.

Yes, it is a small bug, but small bugs can be annoying. Ever been attacked by mosquitos?

Viewable on any browser

I support the Viewable With Any Browser campaign, within reason. I'm not about to make this page viewable to I.E. version 3, but as long as I am compliant with a reasonably up to date standard, the browsers that are supposed to conform to that standard should render the page the way I want it to be rendered.

So, how do you like the new colour scheme?

The sky is blue and the temperature cold. It's a beautiful looking day, and we should spend it outdoors. Or, in a coffee shop out of our house. There's some more writing to be done, and some bookstores to visit, so, without more ado, I'm off to spend the rest of the afternoon doing my stuff...

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