Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is my blog's birthday. Exactly a year ago, I listened to Todd Turnbull's advice, whetted my appetite thanks to Aaron Adel's Toronto Transit Blog, signed up on Blogger, set up my blog and wrote my first post. After a few stumbles, I haven't looked back.

Spending my lunchtime reading through my monthly archives, I come to realize why people keep diaries and writing journals. Moreso than just the practising of putting words down, the wealth of detail and of memories that I leave behind that would have vanished otherwise makes me wonder why I haven't done this sooner.

It's the audience (illusionary or not), though, that makes this worthwhile. The fact that you folks are out there reading and commenting on this lends me considerable discipline to both write regularly, and to write well. It's just like Dan keeping on my back, making sure that I go to the gym regularly.

On the other hand, if I was supposed to take to a stage day after day and speak my mind, and hear the comments and the catcalls from the wings, I think I'd abandon this profession pretty quickly. So, the anonymity of the internet (however illusionary) makes me brave enough to confide in most of the things that are on my mind.

So, an audience and anonymity together powers a blog. Who'd have thunk it?

I quite enjoyed the most recent episodes of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Angel. After watching the early seasaon DVDs, Erin believes that both series have lost a bit of their edge. It used to be, they could tell a good stand-alone story, while continuing to contribute to their arc. Now, stand-alone stories feel like intrusions, and you can't follow the arc without a two page summary. But that's a small complaint. Both series are still really ticking along.

I though the Angel twist was nice, although I fear that this show is a little slopper than Buffy. Buffy's Season Seven has basically stuck to its storyline about the First and its onslaught. Angel brought back Cordy, then brought in the beast, and then brought in the revelation that the Beast was backed by a bigger Beast. It feels a bit like the series is trying to top itself just by using the "you think THAT was bad?" bait and switch. It's less coherent, and it gives me less of an impression that the show's producers know where the season is going.

But, as I said, a small complaint. Both shows remain the best things on television at the moment.

On the Trenchcoat Farewell Project front, I'm pleased to report that Pat Degan submitted three more drawings, this time to Ninth Aspect 2's A Common Disaster. The revisions to Trenchcoat 4's Distractions are going well, and I hope to have something to show to Dan Kukwa by this Sunday.

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