Hope in Farch

I hate Farch. It's the longest month of the year. Oh, well; at least there's only 35 days to go before it ends.

But today, we received a hopeful sign of spring. Erin shouted from the kitchen, bringing me down at a run. She wasn't in trouble, though; she was just excited. She pointed to our cherry tree out front, and I saw it: the honest-to-goodness first robin of the year.

It looked fluffed up and ticked off about there being a foot of snow around him, but it was a robin, and this is the earliest in the year that I've ever seen one.

That's got to give you hope, doesn't it? Winter will end.

More Weird Google Searches

"Do angels have sex according to the Bible?"

Er... I'm pretty sure that angels are presented as sexless. Whatever; most of the angels are not exactly human, either. I'm sure they have other ways of interaction that are beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals.

Can you believe I'm number six on this list?

"Pictures of Jesus, the good Sheppard"

Well, we all know, that if Jesus were to come again, he would use the subway. But would he take the new Sheppard line, or would he stick to the Bloor-Danforth?

I'm in the thirties on this list, at least.

After having so much trouble with Mozilla and Netscape 7 freezing my machine, I may have found a good (not IE) browser to supplement my Opera. Phoenix, now up to version 0.5, is an offshoot of Mozilla. Users, concerned that the Mozilla browser was gaining too many bells and whistles, decided to strip things down, creating a browser that just browsed the web, and did it well.

Phoenix has been operating for more than six hours, and it hasn't yet crashed (watch me jinx things with this statement). It has all of the best features of Mozilla (tabbed browsing, pop-up control, fast speed), but it taxes the computer less and generally seems more stable.

I'm a convert. If you're looking for an alternative to Internet Explorer, and Mozilla isn't your thing, download Phoenix onto your Windows or Linux machine, and get browsing.

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