Technical Developments

Does this work? :-/

Do I know what I'm doing? Or am I going to be embarrased? :blush:

Well, here goes... :evilgrin:

Should I join the New Democratic Party?

Maybe... Still testing... :angry:

Okay, so what was all about? Well, I added a new feature to this blog: SMILEYS!! :-) This was inspired by Angela at GoalieGirl, who figured out how to do it at UNIX Girl and got the macro from Brad Choate.

This feature does more than add little yellow icons across my posts. These macros also allow me to set up automatic links. For example, if I wanted to link to the Toronto Star, I only have to type in the words and the link appears. This saves me the whole bother of typing in the A HREF, etc, although this does nothing to save me the work of more complex URLs.

I've added this feature to the Comments, for those who are interested in using it.

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