Buffy's in High Gear!

BTVS Season 3 DVD

Well, this week's episode of Buffy was bloody brilliant. A candidate for the best episode of the season, for one thing. And isn't it ironic that the writer, Jane Espenson, who basically created the character of Jonathan (along with actor Danny Strong) ended up redeeming the character that killed him. The final, intense moments were exceptionally well played. The message of the episode (life is not a story, life is not a script, you are responsible for your actions) was soundly delivered, with great performances by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Tom Lenk really selling the moment.

And, blood opens the Hellmouth seal, but tears close it? Nice touch.

Everything was tied together well by Andrew, with his documentary style adding a fresh twist to the usual Buffy fare. The only flaw I saw in this episode is that it breaks point-of-view on occasion. Xander and Anya's wonderful intimate moment was told well off Andrew's camera... but, short of moving this moment to the teaser of the next episode, I could see no easy way to fix this. This was one moment that shouldn't be anywhere near Andrew's camera.

Last week's episode was written and directed by Douglas Petrie, and here Jane Espenson returns (she's perhaps the best writer on Buffy outside of Joss Whedon -- I wish I could get to know her and steal her trade secrets). The season is gearing up, folks. Buffy's going to end with a bang!

(fingers crossed)

Life's Stuff

It has been cold here, no other way of putting it. I came to work in -20'C weather, and our lows have dipped into the -30's. But I seem to have gotten used to it. I still haven't found my lost scarf and I'm doing without it. As long as the wind doesn't blow, I'm quite comfortable walking through campus to get to work.

Erin's got a temp assignment. Something small that will help support her job of writing. I haven't gotten a lot of writing done this week, but I'm looking forward to this weekend where some writing might take place. I also hope to be in Toronto this Saturday, possibly taking Martin Proctor to see The Two Towers

I'm still thinking about rearranging The Young City, and I may start work on a possible climax scene tonight or tomorrow.

I have just heard Queen's We are the Champions used to promote Viagra.

That's just wrong. Isn't it?

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