Aw, Crap!

And the war was going so well, otherwise.

No, really, I meant it. According to all the reports, U.S. smart bombs were being smarter than their ten-year-older counterparts from the last Gulf War. Iraqi resistance was light, and the way looked open to Baghdad.

Then I hear through that the Turks are readying for their invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan.

This is not a U.S. sanctioned attack. This is, in fact, a slap in the face of the United States, which previously "cautioned" the Turks not to move into the region. With Turkey voting against allowing the opening of a U.S. controlled second front, and plans for the U.S. use of Turkish airspace on hold, we can only conclude that the Turks are invading for one reason only: to control the Kurds.

The Kurds, as I said before, are the strongest opponents to Saddam Hussein within Iraq. The Kurds were a major part of the moral justification for the United States' invasion of Iraq. What's to be done if Turkey, a NATO ally, starts shooting at them? What's to be done if the Kurds shoot first?

(sigh) It had been going so well...

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