Lazy Sunday Morning

Erin and I have had a fairly productive weekend, so far, even though we haven't done much writing. We have, however, made substantial progress on our laundry, which appears to be a bane of a writer's existence.

I'm still struggling with browser compatibility. If anybody knows the answer to this question, please pass it on: if Internet Explorer is supposed to conform to the ECMA standard, as dPhilc says, why is it that different Internet Explorers show things in different ways?

My Internet Explorer displays this web page as well as Opera, but here Elham says that her Internet Explorer has the navigation side-bar clumped at the very bottom of the page. Then there is Erin's Internet Explorer on the Mac, which shows the line between the posts as stretching across the page, while my IE has them only as long as I specify.


Anyway, I hope to get out and do a little writing today. It's been about a week since I worked on The Young City.

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