Just Wait Till the Shareholder Meeting...


Some games are weird, but highly addictive. I'm playing Blogshares right now. It's a fantasy game where you have $500 fictional dollars to invest in peoples' blogs. Blog share prices are determined through trading, and the value of the blog (determined by the number and quality of links to other blogs).

It's part a fun stock-exchange game (like celebrity stock exchange), and it's part an illustration of the power of Blogging. The vast and growing web of links that is the Great Thing About Blogging (tm) is front and centre here. And it is interesting the diversity of links that can be found here.

Care to invest in Bow. James Bow? At the time of this writing, shares were a bargain at $0.04!

Erin was nominated for a Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Council award and, last night, we attended the awards ceremony. It was quite a party, with artists of all types mingling and enjoying the food and music. There was a troupe of actors in Robin Hood attire, trying to relieve people of their coins, but experiencing a somewhat tough time by virtue of the fact that they were among artists and, as you know, most artists are poor.

Erin didn't win her award, sadly. However, I figure the jury tends to focus on what people have published, rather than what people are going to publish. As Erin's Ghost Maps comes out in September, she may be recognized by the Arts Council next year. We shall see.

Erin and I haven't written much this week. We've both been pretty busy. However, we're taking this Sunday afternoon to go out and write, and I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll have something to show when I get back.

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