Ronald McBuddha?

So, Erin and I are driving back from Guelph after visiting the local Chapters. On Victoria Street, entering the city (near River Road), we pass a McDonald's outlet with a giant inflatable Ronald McDonald on the roof. And Erin basically screams.

I saw it the day before, as Chris Stremlaw, his father and I were heading for lunch during our tour of home model railroads (long story) and we all stared at it in disbelief, but it was Erin's words that really framed what was weird about this scene: "Ronald McBuddha!"

And she was right: Ronald is sitting down on the roof of his restaurant, in a half-lotus position. He's also substantially fatter than the version that appears in most television commercials (enjoying his product a little too much, perhaps), and, most telling of all, his palms are out, the backs of his hands on his knees. It's a perfect picture of BigMac Bliss.

I swear to you I'm not making this up. I wish I had a digital camera to prove it. Angela, you're in Kitchener-Waterloo; you may know of the McDonald's outlet I'm talking about. Perhaps you could snap a picture and post it on your blog?

Writing went well today, with six more handwritten pages done for The Young City. More on that later...

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