A Meme from A to Z

If you're ever at a loss for what to write, a "meme" is an excellent way to get a blog rolling. I borrowed this one off of Natasha's website...

Act your age?: That would be thirty. How is a thirty-year-old to act these days? Like this? Or like this?

Born on what day of the week?: You know, I don't know (Wednesday, as it turns out). All I know is that, on two occasions, my birthday (April 19) fell on Easter Sunday. And I used to think that it was so special that such a holiday and my birthday should join forces. I had chocolate eggs, chocolate cake AND presents. I still feel sorry for people who are born on Christmas Day -- you're supposed to get presents that day -- but having my birthday fall on Easter gave presents to a previously present-less day.

This fact became even more special when I realized that, after the year 2000 leap day, my birthday will never again fall on Easter Sunday in my lifetime.

Chore you hate?: Snow shovelling. Possibly cleaning out the bathroom.

Dog's Name: None. When I was young, my grandmother had a dog named Pip. I'm not really a dog person.

Essential make-up item: Umm... shaving lotion?

Favorite Actor/Actress: None, really. I find that I've been following the work of directors and writers more than that of actors. Besides, how reliable a source could I be if I rate Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku from Buffy as highly as Viggo from The Fellowship of the Ring DVD?

Gold or Silver: Gold. Silver is too cold for me now.

Hand you write with: Right. Strangely enough, it's my left hand that's the most powerful. I'm not ambidexterous in writing, but I seem to be in other things.

Instruments you play: I used to play the recorder, violin, bass and cello. I gave it up when I came to the realization that I just wasn't any good. Now I play the pen.

Job title: Secretary/Receptionist to the Dean of Mathematics!

Kids?: Not yet. Stop asking.

Living arrangements: A townhouse condominium in a diverse neighbourhood, where the sound of laughing children isn't far from our windows in summer.

Make of vehicle: A 91 Ford Escort with 198,500 miles on the odometer. This car doesn't owe anybody a thing.

Number of people you've slept with: Just the one. Though I have shared beds with other people in a pinch.

Overnight hospital stays: None that I can remember. The last time I went under the knife was a wisdom tooth operation back almost a decade ago.

Phobias: Bees and wasps. I hate swarming, stinging insects. In that vein, let me shake Scott Andrew's hand. I feel his pain.

Quote you like: The first one that comes to mind is "you know, you are a classic example of the inverse ratio between size of mouth and size of brain" (the Doctor, The Robots of Death)

Rock Groups: Tori! Tori! Tori! Oh, and the Cowboy Junkies. And Jorane.

Siblings: None. And people in school used to ask: aren't you lonely? To which I could only say, how would I know? I've lived all my life without brothers and sisters? How can you be lonely for siblings when you have never known any?

Time you wake up: 7:15 am. 9:00 am if I manage to sleep in successfully. 10:30 am if things get out of hand.

Unique habit: I will not sign my name in red ink. A Chinese superstition I picked up somewhere.

Vegetable you refuse to eat: Eggplant. And I know it isn't just psycosomatic (I've learned to like green peppers and asparagus). I've been able to identify eggplant buried in mousakka; the texture and the taste just makes me gag.

Worst habit: I procrastinate if I don't watch it.

X-Rays you've had: Most recently, an X-ray showed that I had back problems. But the most alarming X-ray I ever saw was the one that brought about my wisdom tooth operation: the offending tooth was entering the mouth at precisely a 90' angle, it's side in perfect line with the tops of the rest of my teeth.

Yummy food you make: Erin likes pancakes and bacon for a weekend breakfast. I'm known for my omelettes, and I've done an excellent sour cream coffee cake in the past...

Zodiac sign: Aries. The very last day, in fact -- another reason why I think my birthday is special...

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