Snow Day!


This is winter's sucker punch. And it's sadly par for the course for an Ontario April. If you look through my entries last April, you'll see that Ontario's spring isn't so much a gradual transition from winter to summer as it is some nutter playing "Red Light! Green Light!" with our minds (Erin's words).

Yesterday afternoon, ice pellets started falling. People in my office left early to avoid the traffic. They were probably the sensible ones. By the time I got to my car, it was encased in ice, and required about ten minutes of scraping before I could see through the front window. Even so, I picked up Erin and we met up with my parents for our biweekly dinner out.

This storm, however, hasn't let up. A lot of ice and freezing rain has fallen, and this morning it's announced that all the schools and even the University is closed. The ice is expected to continue to fall throughout the rest of the day, and we may even get a repeat performance on Monday.

I hope none of you affected by this weather are seriously inconvenienced. I hope you're all driving safe, or staying home. As for me, I'll be taking this day as the gift that it is and spending time with Erin and getting the house cleaned.

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