Iraq Issues

Ikram Saeed, Andrew Spicer and Vancouver Scrum all have posts discussing the polarization of the debate on Canada's position on the war. That is to say, polarization in the media. One side spouts stupid anti-American statements, while the other, to put it diplomatically, licks George Bush's boots.

I guess it just shows that it is the extremists which attract the news cameras. The rational, pragmatic majority of Canadians who are neither purile anti-Americans or servile Yankee Yesmen probably take too long to explain their position for a reporter to quote them. It doesn't take much thought to produce a soundbite, but they do copy well.

On the other hand, regardless of your opinion of the war, one has to have a lot of respect for Chris Albritton's Back to Iraq blog. He's in Iraq now and, although he hasn't started talking to Iraqis, the story of his trek through Turkey and across the border is some of the best blog reading I've ever seen. Mr. Albritton has a lot more courage and strength of character than any of our politicians making the news these days.

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