Jam Cam!


So, my father bought a new digital camera, an HP 2.1 megapixel model that was on sale. As a result, he gave me his old digital camera, a JamCam. It's not a top-of-the-line model by any stretch of the imagination, but my father bought it for under $50, and I got it for free, so we aren't complaining. The best resolution we can get on this camera is 640x480 pixels, and as you can see the pictures aren't sharp. We won't be printing prints from this camera anytime soon, but they will suit my web purposes just fine.

The first picture I took was of Ronald McBuddha, just to show that he does exist, and I wasn't going completely insane.


My father and I were out for breakfast this morning. It's a tradition we follow, occasionally. When my father wants to shop for computers, go to a computer show, or if I want to be taken to the Halton County railway museum, we sneak out of our houses and go have breakfast at a greasy-spoon restaurant somewhere. I always have scrambled eggs, sometimes bacon, sometimes sausage. This tradition dates back to the time my father made a big production out of my getting a Christmas or birthday gift for my mother. He would wake me, and we'd literally sneak out of the house and he'd take me to breakfast. The whole thing was special, but the breakfast really sealed the deal. I mean, everybody goes out to a restaurant for dinner, but who gets served eggs by a waiter? It's rarer. Special. The stuff of memories.

Since I've moved out, an occasional Saturday breakfast is a way for my father and I to reconnect, and I certainly appreciate that. This day, we had breakfast at Angie's Kitchen, drove around a bit, and then stopped to try out the new Krispy Kreme that's opened up in South Kitchener (pictured above).

The place was interesting (it's always neat to see the doughnuts being baked) and the doughnuts themselves weren't bad -- though one could easily get sick if one had too many. Sweetened air is one good description, as is somebody else's more colourful description that the doughnuts vanish on the tongue like a fart on the wind. My father and I agree that Krispy Kreme have a long way to go to displace the stranglehold Tim Hortons has on this area's tastebuds. There are far more Tim's outlets, and they make a better doughnut (less fatty).

So, anyway, that was my fun with a digital camera. I'm looking forward to taking it along and snapping at the odd things I see. Erin and I are going to go out for coffee, now, and an afternoon of writing.

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