In Ann Arbor II

We left the Kitchener area at around 5:30 pm and made it to Ann Arbor just before 10:30. The border was no problem; the queue lasted about fifteen minutes, and the customs official was polite and to-the-point. We ate dinner in a Wendy's just outside of Port Huron, and we filled up on the Michigan side as well.

There is no denying it: gasoline is substantially cheaper in the United States than in Canada. I mean, consider today: I filled up my gas tank with 7.2 gallons of premium. I paid $12.26 USD. That's about $1.70 per gallon. A week ago, when I noticed that Canadian gas prices were unusually low, I filled up on regular grade, buying 33 litres and paying $22.00 CDN. That's 66.7 cents per litre. There are four litres per gallon, right? If so, that's $2.67 CDN per gallon. Don't forget the exchange rate (now roughly $1 CDN = $0.68 USD), but that still means I'm filling up my gas tank in the States, with premium, for just $2.50 CDN per gallon.

If you're driving cross country, you should perhaps consider going via the States.

On the other hand, after I filled up my tank, we went over to Wendy's and had a standard dinner. I had a double bacon cheeseburger with fries and a drink. Erin had a singleburger with cheese. The combo prices were exactly the same in numeric value as across the border, but they were in U.S funds. Thus, for a mean where we'd usually pay $11.78 CDN, we paid $17.32.

That's not all. CDs are $16.99 CDN in Canada and $16.99 USD in the States. More Americans should come to Canada, where everyday is a 2-for-1 sale -- though we make back our money in gas taxes...

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