On the Road Again!

Had a lazy morning in Ann Arbor. Learned, to my surprise, that Good Friday is not a statutory holiday in the United States as it is in Canada. I guess there are some parts where the separation of church and state are working.

Anyway, Wendy and Lars had to book a half day off in order to go to Chicago this weekend, so they were at work this morning while Erin and I slept in. They're now back, and we're getting ready to go.

Traffic in Ann Arbor is rather heavy, due to construction and volume (Erin and I were on the road to buy socks. I found six good pairs for $10 US, but it took us half an hour to go two miles). We will be arriving in Chicago near the end of the afternoon rush-hour, so it looks like this is a day of congestion. Wish us luck.

We meet Rosemarie and Michael in Chicago, possibly at the Hilton hotel they booked. Saturday is a day out, with some celebration of my 31st birthday expected. I'll be offline until Sunday night.

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