Theatre Ticket Prices Dropping?

A P.S. to my previous post, which I'll put ahead of this post, just to make things look better... Oh, heck, just click here if you want to read it!

I now have a new favourite movie theatre. After getting grabbed by our ankles and shaken upside down for the loose change in our pockets at Silver City and Galaxy Cinemas ($13.50 for a single movie ticket? C'mon guys!), Cineplex Odeon has stepped up to the plate. At its reasonably new and very clean Fairway Cinema, all movies (including first-runs) are just $5.75. Dan, Erin and I were able to walk into The Matrix Reloaded for just $18.

As an added benefit, as part of the Province's SARS relief package designed to rebuild Ontario's tourist agency, provincial sales taxes were dropped on all movie ticket purchases!

I didn't mind in the slightest that we paid $20 for popcorn, candies and pop. At $5.75 per ticket, who's complaining? This is the way all theatres should be run.

I swear to you now: I will never step inside a Silver City or Galaxy Cinema again.

...except maybe for The Return of the King.

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