Conversations We Overhear Day to Day


As I walk down a hallway, I pass two people walking towards each other. The first person lights up to see the second:

Hall Walker #1: Woah! Deja-vu!
Hall Walker #2 (blinks): Hey! Somebody just said that to me!

I guess, given her bust size, it was only a matter of time before Barbie got cast as Br+nnehilde. Still, you'd think Mattel would care a little about historical accuracy when they brought out Barbie, Princess of the Vikings...

What am I saying? Of course they wouldn't.

Still, history professor Ancarett was suitably offended, and gave the link the scorn it deserved.

Me, I just want to see the corresponding Ken doll. Yes, it's Beowulf Ken! Think they gave him a beard and a helmet?

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