Matrix Re-Reloaded and Others

So, like some reviewers, you didn't quite "get" the Matrix: Reloaded? Be patient. The movie apparently went over most people's heads. After all, how many people in the audience do you think would know a thing about Gnosticism. Read this primer (which contains heavy spoilers) and the movie _really_ starts to make sense...

Read his review, write down his predictions, and see how many he gets right. I stand by my own prediction that, by the time the third movie is over, humanity will have control over the Matrix.

And though I think Tom Tomorrow missed the boat with his review of the Matrix, I do thank him for clarifying that scene with Merovignian. I have to admit, I had no clue what that was about.

Thanks also to Incoming Signals for the Gnostic Matrix link...

As you may have noticed, I've given my blogroll a bit of a tweak. I removed the News/Opinion roll and divided up the members to new Canada, Ontario and Toronto blogrolls. I'm happier with the way my links are sorted, but it does show how utterly impossible it is to peg someone.

For aesthetic reasons, I'd like all of my blogrolls to have roughly an equal number of links, so I (perhaps unwisely) broke up my literature-related links to "Blogs of Writing" and "Blogs of Art, Poetry and Other Neat Stuff". This isn't to say that poetry isn't writing, but it allowed me to separate certain blogs and divide the list evenly.

But some still don't fit. Take R.J. Anderson's "Parabolic Reflections": Rebecca's a wonderful writer, but her blog is more than just about writing. So, I take the easy way out and plug her into the underpopulated Blogs of Ontario list. But what about Natasha's "Butterbug"? We get her life too, but there's something about her writing that deserves showcasing in Blogs of Writing. Not to say that Rebecca's writing isn't worthy of showcasing--

(and James sinks deeper and deeper into the blogrolling swamp)

The Trenchcoat Farewell Project took another jump forward, with the laying out of Greg Gick's
Crescent, Cross, Star & Pentagram. What a wonderful story, I just have to share it. At fifty pages, we're that much closer to finishing the issue. Just seven stories left to go.

A sample, first draft, 4Mb Adobe Acrobat PDF file can be viewed by clicking here. Please be warned that this layout still has to be proofread!

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