Lazy Weekend

It's a beautiful day outside; a far cry from Saturday's chilly rain. Erin and I expect to be heading to Stratford for some walking and some writing. I hope to have another rough-draft scene to post here before the day is out.

Dan was over last night, and we watched the classic Doctor Who episodes Spearhead from Space and Castrovalva. It was an enjoyable evening, helped along by some beer. Before that, Erin and I were in Chapters in south Kitchener, writing some more.

I very much would like to see Pixar's new movie Finding Nemo. Anything by Pixar is the best bet for a decent Disney flick nowadays. I'm a big fan of both the Toy Story movies and Monsters' Inc. Strangely enough, I haven't seen A Bug's Life; I keep meaning to, but it just never happens.

Unfortunately, Finding Nemo is not at the cheap first-run theatres yet. Now that I've found two places where you can see first-run movies in a decent setting for under $7 CDN, I refuse, on principle, to go to the overpriced megaplexes. I'll just have to wait.

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