What I've Been Doing Today and Monday

Here's a list:

  • Sent off resumes to a couple of interesting positions (thanks to my father for sending them along).
  • Dropped off more to a number of temp agencies.
  • Wrote up cover letters and synopsis packages of Rosemary and Time and sent them off to G.P. Putnam of New York and Raincoast Books of Vancouver.
  • Picked up a book to read for Kathy Stinson's writing class.
  • Free wrote, and wrote another section of The Young City
  • Laundry
  • Feel generally productive and happy.

Rosemary and Time is still being considered by Groundwood Books (now into my sixth month of waiting), but I thought it would be good to get queries out to other publishers. For one thing, Groundwood, Raincoast and G.P. Putnam either say that they consider multiple submissions, or they don't say anything at all.

Somebody pointed out to me that you could perhaps consider (unless it's explicitly stated otherwise under a publisher's submission guidelines) a synopsis and three sample chapters of a book not a manuscript submission, but a query, and you can send as many queries to as many publishers as you'd like. For one thing, no publisher is going to accept your story on the basis of a synopsis and three sample chapters -- if they are at all interested, they will ask for the rest of the book, and then we enter entirely different territory. However, for the first stage, you could save yourself considerable time, and a lot of fretting, if you get your queries out to as many publishers as possible.

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