Ghost For Sale!

You know, you see a lot of weird things on eBay, but this takes the cake. Actually, it's quite an interesting read.

Somebody should set up an Internet Library of the Weird (oh, wait, somebody has [waves to dPhilic]). There should be a place where pages such as this are gathered together and saved for posterity. The link that I've posted will probably vanish by the end of the month, and the interesting things inside lost to the wider world. It's a shame that our developing Internet history and culture (no matter how weird), is so ephemeral, we run the risk of losing so much just by not remembering to log things.

Thanks to Rick Jessup for the link.

Actually, this brings to mind a story that Erin told me, about a time she spent in Georgia. She was in her early teens, and was with a group of other early teenage girls in a monastery, located in a large manor-house in the woods of northern Georgia -- some sort of religious retreat. Anyway, this monastery was odd. How odd? You'd hear things moving in darkened rooms, and nothing would appear to be there. Furniture would relocate themselves when you weren't looking, and there was just a dark energy about the place that made all of the girls ill-at-ease.

Then Erin dreamed about the manor house, sitting atop of some giant reservoir of oil. And the oil seeped up through the ground, and was taken into the roots of trees, and the trees turned black, and started scratching at the windows of the house.

Later that day, the other girls complained about having difficulty sleeping. You see, they'd dreamt about this weird slick of black oil, that was seeping up through the ground, and into all the trees... And everyone got really alarmed when they discovered that they'd all dreamt the same dream.

The monks didn't offer much of an explanation; they didn't appear to share the girls' sense of unease, although some did talk about this area having a mystical importance long before the monks bought the house. There were no lurid stories of murder or mayhem, however. Whatever the case, Erin and the other girls were most relieved when their week-long stay came to a close, and they got out of there pronto.

You know, you would think the fact that she'd got the pizza for free would be enough to console this woman, but noooo. And talk about shooting the messenger! This is a woman that needs to get her priorities checked and her anger managed. Thanks again to Rick Jessup for the link.

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