An Average Day of Leg Pumping

The makings of a quiet day, today. Just another average day of leg-pumping, but no sense of getting anywhere. I'll have more resumes to fill out on Monday and more talks with temp agencies. In the meantime, that pile of laundry keeps getting smaller and smaller, so yay for me!

The Trenchcoat Farewell Project also continues, with layout work completed on Ninth Aspect's Dark Magus. From here on in, it's uncharted territory, as I lay out the unfinished stories of Ninth Aspect 2. Then we await the delivery of some remaining material, and the fanzine is, by and large, done, barring proofreading. I estimate the final page count will roll in at 870.

Erin's got a half-day at work today, so we're both free this afternoon to go out and enjoy the fine June weather we've not been having. Well, today has been sunny and warm, but it looks like this weekend will feature more rain. At least our garden is enjoying it.

I also bought Erin some more fish. Her goldfish tank was turning an alarming shade of green as algae caked the glass, so I resolved to do something about it and went down to Petsmart and purchased two algae eaters. Two days later, and the glass is clean. Man, these little beasties work fast. I just hope, now that they've exhausted their primary food supply, that they don't starve to death.

I'm also pleased to report that my JamCam returned, after I'd left it behind with my sister-in-law in Ann Arbor. In it were the pictures of my Chicago trip, some of which turned out quite well, considering. I'll load some of them up later today and give you a guided tour...

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