Good Use of International Symbols

From artist Adrian Gollner's People's Plan website:

"The People's Plan is my contribution to a series of public commissions for Ottawa's new O Train. Ad cases at each of the five stations house images created by local artists. I designed two images for Carleton University station and a third for my own amusement.

"The light box images at Carleton U. are designed to recall the government mega-projects of the 1970's. Symmetrical and non-monumental, the logos echo the egalitarian sensibility inherent in the modern style architecture of the university. While we may not view the mega-project with any sense of nostalgia today, the social engineering behind these grand plans represents the waning edge of a futurist vision."

It's an interesting website and an interesting art project, and I think you should all check out the artist's website. However, I did a double take on the picture below. I think this logo had connotations that the artist may or may not have intended:


A perfect representation of two cops hauling off a criminal, don't you think?

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