In the Food Court of Kitchener's Market Square, Before the Morning Shift - II

Two men hunch over coffee by the potted plant, wearing baseball caps, nylon jackets, shaking their heads at the world. One has a moustache. The other shapes his points like a potter shaping clay, his hands outstretched, cupped, his fingers cocked every time a point is made. They sip their coffee and smile when a pretty woman passes by.

The pretty woman lines up for coffee at the Tim Hortons outlet. Behind her, two businessmen, casual in their collared shirts with no jackets, talk and rock on the balls of their feet, eager for the day to begin.

I call this picture "Warped Glass"...

A fairly quiet day today. Yesterday, I had my computer skills tested by another temp agency. I now type at 89 words per minute. I used to be in the lower 80s range. I wonder if I shall break 90. Anyway, they seemed impressed and are looking for positions for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The writing has also been going well.

In reply to JCF's comment to my previous post about Harry Potter, I do believe there has been a coattail effect, at least here in Canada. I've heard it from the mouths of managers and some Canadian book publishers, and I've seen it in the children and teenagers that pause at the Harry Potter shelves, and then also move on to other children's fantasy, science fiction, and even contemporary and historical fiction. The children's books section in all of the stores I've seen have gotten noticeably larger and well populated, and although a lot of those shelves and tables hold Harry Potter books and merchandise, they are not all that are there.

The situation may be different elsewhere on the continent, but that's the view from here.

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