Shepherd Moons

The Trenchcoat Farewell Project took another step forward, yesterday, when Cameron came forward with a finished copy of the Trenchcoat 0 story, Shepherd Moons.

Cameron is a brilliant writer and, when I had difficulty making my original Doctor Who story click, he was the obvious person to turn to. He works magic with his characterizations and he has great fun with words. He transformed my outline and initial draft into something that was just marvellous.

The story features the Trenchcoat eighth Doctor and Ace, about six months or so after his regeneration. When visiting Toronto of the near future, dodging the crowds and the traffic, they encounter a creature which turns peoples' conscious mind off. In an urban region of 7 million people, you can see why this would be a problem as masses of people suddenly start to herd and, worse, stampede.

The story has a lot to say about what makes us human and how people connect (and don't connect), and Cameron was able to get much deeper than I ever could. I still hope to adapt this story for the Rosemary and Time universe someday, but right now you can read the magic right here.

Thanks Cameron, you crafted a winner!

Also, thanks to Rick Jessup for putting me onto Scriptygoddess's excellent script for hiding long passages of text behind a single click. Rather than hide things like story passages and spoiler information behind a link to another page, a single click will make the text appear magiaclly on this page.

See? Isn't this neat? I look forward to using this!

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