Free Furniture! Let's Get Stripping!

Turns out I'm the sixteenth item displayed for the Google search "Strep Tease Photos Free". Yum! Yup, I just love looking at those photos of sarcastic strep-throat victims!

Erin and I chanced upon a battered wooden desk being tossed out with the garbage. It's a solid desk (just ask my lower back) and it needs only a lick of paint in order to be rendered good as new. We asked the owner if we could snatch it, and she told us to knock ourselves out. So we did. We're putting it in the dining room; its many drawers will prove useful storing placemats, napkins and utensils.

In other Google searches, I'm number twelve in "how long does it take to get weed out of your pee". I guess I should be grateful that I'm not near the top of that list. And I'm somewhere in the results of "What is the name of Harry Potter new book that comes out on Saturday". I guess I was wrong: the hype wasn't thick enough...

Finally, I'm number 4 on the search for Dalton McGinty... ahem... It's actually Dalton McGuinty. Just thought you should know!

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