What's Happening to Me Lately


Maybe it's weird of me, but I don't like posting more than one post a day to my blog. Two posts in one day don't stand out from each other as each days' post (stylistic suggestions on this would be appreciated), and besides, I don't want to give the impression that I'm tethered to my blog. However, as I spend each day posting a major article about the political or planning things I think about, I neglect to mention the little everyday things that happen to me, and might be useful fodder for blog posts.

Last Thursday, Erin and I purchased the Buffy Season 4 DVD set and had a private slumber party. We set up a mattress in the living room and stayed up late watching the first few episodes, while sharing chips and dip and other bad for us food.

I know in some Buffy fan circles, Season 4 is seen as a stumble. But having seen these episodes for the first time (I became a fan of the series in Season 5), I can't see what the controversy was about. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan and the rest of the cast were now very comfortable in their roles and giving top-notch performances. The writing was slick and the plots were nice and twisty. We didn't encounter an off-key episode until number 8 (Pangs, which itself had many good moments).

This is the season where Spike gets the anti-violence chip stuck in his head. This is the season where Willow deals with her breakup with Oz, and falls in love with Tara. This is the season where Giles and Xander both have to cope with being left out of the group while Willow and Buffy flower into their own. This is the season of Superstar and the welcome return of Danny Strong. Oh, and this is the season of Hush, the groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated silent episode that remains one of the series very best.

Season 4 is definitely better than season 7 which, after having a chance to view it objectively, isn't nearly as light on its feet, doesn't focus nearly enough on Willow and Xander, sloppily drops some interesting plot threads, and doesn't have the devious plot twists of earlier seasons.

So, the Season 4 DVD is proving to be a good investment.

As I mentioned, we were pleased to have my sister-in-law and her husband visit us over the weekend, and this weekend we're looking forward to a visit from my mother-in-law and her husband. They're taking a much needed vacation and their itinerary contains three words: just hang out. I think I can help them with that.

My writing has been going well, and the Trenchcoat Farewell Project is now in its final, final stages. I just have to lay out the stories of Ninth Aspect 2 and get busy with proofreading, and we'll soon be ready to go to the printers...

Still putting out resumes; added another two to the list this past Wednesday. There are a number of very good jobs out there, all of which are worth keeping my fingers crossed on. Keep your fingers crossed for me as well, would you?

So, I'm keeping busy and enjoying myself. Summer has started, but the allergies haven't hit me, yet. So far, life is fairly good.

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