Battle Plan of a Flame War

Inspired by a conversation with Cameron and Erin (Cameron paid us a visit last weekend), this is, below, the basic development of an Internet newsgroup flamewar...

Poster 1: I like cheese.
Poster 2: I don't like cheese.
Poster 1: But I like cheese!
Poster 2: I don't care! I _don't_ like cheese!
Poster 1: Well, I like cheese, and you're stupid for not liking cheese!
Poster 3: I'd like to interject with a short history of the development of cheese (4000 line post follows)
Poster 2: Well, I hate cheese, and your mother wears combat boots!
Poster 1: Well, my mother may wear combat boots, but all the better to kick your ass!
Poster 4: Hitler tried to ban guns, you know!
Poster 5: Godwin's Law! Godwin's Law!
Poster 6: I like cheese.

Repeat Ad Nauseum.

In the course of the conversation, Erin was again recognized as the winner of the Kukwa Cup, the championship cup awarded to the person who gets another visitor to snort whatever it is they're drinking out of their nose, so named in honour of Dan, who did just that when talking about the Star Wars Holiday Special, featuring "Chewbacca, Spitbacca and Grandpa Drool".

Shh... That silence you're hearing descending across North America is the sound of millions of readers settling down to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Best not to disturb them. :-)

And, given that J.K. Rowling said that there was a death scene in this book that was "terrible to write", I expect the continent to be in mourning by... oh, around noon.

I'm betting it'll be Hagrid, poor sod.

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