In the Food Court of the St. Jacobs Factory Outlet Mall, One Saturday Afternoon


Two generations sit, crossed among four seats. The father sits across from son and beside daughter-in-law... Or is it daughter and son-in-law? I bet the former; son and father look more alike in glasses and moustaches. Son has a full head of hair, while father hides his beneath a baseball cap. Mother, the only one of the three to not wear glasses, takes the remaining seat.

"I'm supposed to eat tuna," says the father. "I don't like tuna. I like perch and kipper, but I don't like tuna. Why can't I get bacon and eggs?"

Meanwhile, a child streaks by, as his mother heads for the ATM. "I want! I want! Ice Cream! I want choc-late!"

"Really?" says the young mother. "What about strawberry?"

"I want choc-late!" They head for the ice cream counter.

At the criss-crossed table, the conversation turns to salads, croutons, and the opinion of the father that all doctors are crazy. He wants his bacon and eggs, see?

Later, he heads to the ice cream counter and orders a strawberry milkshake.

Hot day today. Michael, Rosemarie, Erin and I went to Elora, to see the town's beautiful shopping district and Grand River gorge. I missed out somewhat by choosing to stay at a coffee shop to write while the others went to go shopping. The place I went to was all right, but a little warm, and they kicked us out at 3 p.m. I ended up searching fruitlessly for the others for about an hour afterwards.

Note to prospective writers: if you go to Elora, go to the Mill overlooking the gorge. It's a much better writing venue there. Oh, well. Live and learn.

Here are some photographs of today's trip...

On our way to Elora, we stopped off at West Montrose, home of the only remaining covered bridge in Ontario. Here's a picture of that covered bridge, what you can see of it.

Un-hitched buggies beside the general store in West Montrose.

Michael and Rosemarie in Elora, looking a little lost. Fortunately, help was close at hand... or was it just more questions?

An interesting memorial plaque by the Elora public library.

Not quite the Flatiron Building, but this building in Elora is just as distinctive.

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