Erin's Going to the Maritimes!

It looks as though Erin is going to get full support in her book tour of the Maritime provinces to promote Ghost Maps, her book of World War II poetry. Talk about an exciting event! This really hits home the fact that this is a major release, at least in terms of poetry books (which fits, since Ghost Maps is a major accomplishment).

I've never been east of Montreal, and I hope that I can accompany her. Even if it is in November, St. John's, Newfoundland is still a city I'd love to see.

It also looks like Erin will have to organize the September release party herself. It only makes sense since we know the terrain better, here, than anybody at Wolsak and Wynn. Yesterday, we started scouting reception space.

If any of my friends is reading this, and will be within driving distance of the Region of Waterloo sometime in September, why not come out? We'll have catering! Details will follow.

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