Happy Birthday Canada -- OW!!


Happy 136th birthday, Canada! I celebrated by getting a root canal!

Well, separation is supposed to be our national toothache. Seems appropriate.

Actually, it isn't a root canal. It's heavy duty tartar cleaning after going four years without visiting a dentist. If you skip your six month visits, they make you pay... through the teeth. They scrape off half your mouth at one go, and they freeze you to boot. The freezing is only just starting to come off.

Actually (again), it isn't as bad as all that. The dentists and nurses were very professional, and didn't chide me too much for skipping the visits. They were open today, however, having taken the day off on Monday, and that's a bit odd. I guess some people valued the longer weekend more. There were people setting off firecrackers in the laneways near our house last night, and the streets are less congested now that so many people have gone to cottage country.

The University of Waterloo is closed today, but it was closed yesterday as well, producing an extra-long weekend. Most stores are closed, except for those found in tourist areas, which are likely to be hopping.

In all, this seems a very Canadian response to our national holiday. Not as much of the flag waving as our southern neighbours. Just a smile, a nod and a thank you, for this country that has given us a lot of happiness, and a beautiful holiday on the cusp of summer.

Okay, and some fireworks.

It was also good to have the dentistry done this morning. The afternoon is free, and Erin and I intend to go somewhere and write. Erin's all acquiver about Ghost Maps. First the cover comes, and now the catalog entry and ISBN number. It's felt a little like a dream before. As September approaches, that dream is fading into reality.

I'm not jealous. I am a little whistful. I hope I can experience some of the same for Rosemary and Time, but only time will tell...

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